Skinnydipping in Pow — The Naked Ski Segment We All Need to See

Oct 23 • Mountain Lifers, Videos • 14619 Views • 5 Comments

About 3 hours ago we posted this on our sister site — Mountain Life Magazine BC — and it’s been going bananas ever since. This is the kind of clip that social media was made for — two minutes of realy fresh mountain mastery in the buff — basically guaranteed to put a smile on your overworked face and have you scheming for your own naked ski day with your posse this season.

From bare-assed chairlift riding to cliff airs wearing nothing more than socks and a smile, Valhalla’s naked ski segment is already sparking laughter through dark cinemas across the world, with skiers and non-skiers alike. This segment really is a thing of beauty, a throwback to the good ‘ol days when skiing was all about pure unadulterated FUN. It would be awesome to see some outtakes from this day(s) of shooting. Did the skiers and riders get warm blankets to heat up after a spill in the snow or did they just suck it up, hop on the chairlift and keep going? I hope they at least were given shots of whiskey at the bottom to keep up the morale, although judging by the shit-eating grins it looks as though the morale was already sky high.

Naked Ski and Snowboard Segment from VALHALLA from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.

5 Responses to Skinnydipping in Pow — The Naked Ski Segment We All Need to See

  1. Mike says:

    Ha that was awesome. Funny stuff

  2. John says:

    Whitewater. Beauty.

  3. Smith Helen says:

    This is so cute. This is for you Colleen

  4. F.C.L says:

    Whenever I feel down I watch this video. Makes me smile every time. Love it.

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